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We will never forget the month of March, when COVID-19 put the entire globe in a state of emergency. Many of us lost our jobs, our access to resources, as well as family and friends. However, with all that we’ve lost, we also gained.

We gained appreciation for what we do have, including the accessibility to communicate…even if it’s virtual.

We also commend our COMMUNITY support! As many people lost their jobs, homes and access to food and resources, we witnessed community individuals and groups who stepped up in big ways, to help feed, shelter and inform our residents!

Live Streams We Organized:

Flyers We Produced:

We take pride in connecting with our residents:

As Hartford City Councilors with Working Families Party (WFP), we are humbled to serve you, to work alongside you, to provide support, keep one another safe and to continue to fighting for justice. Speaking of justice…

One thought on “FINAL 2020 NEWSLETTER

  1. Bravo, Wildaliz and Josh! City of Hartford and its residents continue to benefit from your activism and forward thinking, especially regarding the Civilian Police Review Board and the eviction push back draft.

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