The Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) investigates cases where Police are accused of any wrongdoing. A board such as this, is established by an Ordinance, a city law that can be pushed by the Mayor and City Council. Only City Council can take a vote to approve or deny an Ordinance. Hartford’s CPRB Ordinance was extremely outdated, it hadn’t changed in over a decade. Thus, prompting our team to make some much needed changes which you can view in the links below. We are happy to report that after a big push, we were able to get the MOST progressive CPRB Ordinance passed, here in Hartford!


– Councilwoman Bermudez breaks it down in the video below –

Although we may not have gotten the changes we wanted when it came to the budget, the changes to the Civilian Police Review Board was a huge step forward for the city.

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  1. Bravo, Wildaliz and Josh! City of Hartford and its residents continue to benefit from your activism and forward thinking, especially regarding the Civilian Police Review Board and the eviction push back draft.

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