Josh & Tiana Winter Recap

As winter draws to a close, we would like to highlight some of the important contributions that Councilman Michtom and Councilwoman Hercules have made to the Hartford community this season. 

Hartford’s Black Heroes Trail

“We preserve the integrity of our ancestors, and we do what others think is impossible when we lead with courage and advocate for change.” – Tiana Hercules

February marks the celebration of Black History Month nationwide, but has a special place here in Hartford. To honor all the historical figures who came from Hartford, our team, with the help of many organizations, created a Trail spanning across Main Street to honor Hartford’s own Black Heroes. The Trail reaches from the Hartford Public Library up through St. Monica’s Episcopal Church, showcasing 19 displays of prominent Black figures such as former mayor Carrie Saxon Perry and professional basketball player Marcus Camby.

Check out our interactive map featuring all of the displays, or take a walk along Main Street to learn more about Hartford’s Black Heroes!

Visit the “In the News” section to read more about coverage surrounding the trail.

Zion St. Mural

Check out these videos courtesy of photographer Joel Cintron recapping the work we did with our mural!


After the clouds, comes the sun. Throwback to Bboy Poptart’s mural on Zion & Summit St in Hartford. Special thank you to @JOEL_CXN for the visuals!

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Senior Home Rehabilitation Program

If you are, or know of, a senior who might be in need of housing perks, please share this resource!

In the News

Hartford’s Black Heroes Trail:

NBC CT: Contributions of Hartford’s Black Community Recognized With Black Heroes Trail

CT Insider: Black Heroes Trail honors Hartford changemakers

Hartford Courant: A Hartford project honors the city’s Black heroes. It also fights back against attempts to erase Black history.

Credit: CT Insider

Why police recruits video on Twitter has sparked outrage for some in Hartford

Hartford police ‘Community Day’ video draws fire as ‘intimidating’ and ‘bad optics’

New development in Hartford will have more than 75% affordable housing units

Hartford police consider instant messaging platform ‘Slack’ to reduce crimes, violence

Job Opportunities

Fire by Forge Restaurant

Part-Time Independent Contractor

Forge City Works Training Program

Become a Licensed Insurance Broker

The Goodwin University Community Manufacturing Training Center

City of Hartford Community Outreach/Grants

Love Your Block Grant and Trinity College Welcomes Hartford Residents to Campus

Betty Knox Foundation Grants for Small Non Profits

The Betty Knox Foundation gives out up to $2500 grants for small non-profits doing things that benefit Hartford residents. It is a rolling application process, but there are different waves of deadlines, which can be found here.

Upcoming Events

Vox Church Easter Egg Hunt – April 1, 2023

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Councilwoman Tiana Hercules

Councilman Josh Michtom

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