City Council Budget Updates

Hello Hartford! It’s budget season for Hartford City Council, meaning it’s time for us to work on one of Council’s most important responsibilities: reviewing and revising the Mayor’s recommended budget for the city. We want to give some updates of what our priorities will be this cycle and how you can raise your voice!


We have been hearing issues concerning evictions, rent prices, and living conditions for tenants in Hartford and we are collaborating with Connecticut Tenant Union, Connecticut Fair Housing Center, Make the Road CT and Central Connecticut DSA to come together and discuss some ideas for the budget and beyond.

Please join us at one of our 2 upcoming community meetings to hear what we have in mind for the future and share your thoughts & experiences!

Parks and Recreation

As you may know, WFP’s City Council team organized a survey last year to collect data on what residents would like to see from city programming and local parks. Over the next month, we will be posting the results and how they will inform our proposed revisions to the Mayor’s recommended budget. If you missed the survey – no problem! We will also post how you can still chime in. Follow Tiana and Josh on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates:

IG & Twitter: @thercules777; @rsgat

FB: Tiana; and Josh

Public Safety

For the last 3 years, Hartford’s Working Families Party Council team has been fighting to reimagine the way we see public safety and reallocate resources from our inflated Police Department budget towards city services we feel will actually reduce crime, such as housing, education, recreation & family services, and public health.

This year is no different, the Mayor’s proposed budget for next year gives yet another increase to the City’s already-bloated Police Department. Even if the Council majority is not yet ready to listen to the people calling for real safety and accountability instead of a militarized presence in our neighborhoods, we will continue to raise the conversation until real change is felt.

If you would like to add your voice to this discussion, you can find contact information for your City Councilmembers here.

Continuing to Protect Immigrant Families

As we have in previous years, our Council team will also advocate to continue City funding for Hartford families facing deportation, through support for the Connecticut Coalition for Immigrant Freedom. To learn more about this program, visit our explanatory page.

Language Access

Finally, we will be pushing to expand language access resources for City Departments, Hartford Public Schools, Hartford Public Library, and City Council, so that we can continue to move closer towards true language accessibility for all Hartford residents.

Josh and Tiana Winter Recap

Hello Hartford! We hope you all are staying warm and enjoying all of the great activity happening around our city at this time of the year. Here’s an update on what we have been up to, as well as some more events and opportunities we hope you will help us share!

Since she officially joined Hartford City Council in January, Councilwoman Tiana Hercules has been working hard to respond to the needs of Hartford residents. During her first season in office, Tiana has focused on building the connections necessary to achieve her goals and advocate for change. To learn more about Tiana, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Let’s take a deeper look at the initiatives and updates that affect YOU. 

The December Sixth Project

Thanks to former Councilwoman Wildaliz Burmúdez, we held an essay/arts contest for high school students to reflect on the 13th Amendment and its legacy. The winners of the contest were celebrated with an event in the Hartford Public Library this February. From the visual arts contestants, 10th grader Apollo Coston won first place and 11th grader Paeyton Hammond earned second place. From the written arts contestants, 10th grader Gabrielle Powell received first place with 10th grader Bryana Wilson in second place. Congratulations to all four winners for their powerful submissions! 

We would also like to thank Jennifer Perez Caraballo as well as all of the judges and speakers who participated in this year’s December Sixth Project! 

Speaking Up at the State Level 

Recently, we joined CT Working Families and countless other labor advocates testifying in support of the Fair Workweek Bill, H.B. 5353. Every worker in Connecticut deserves to have a stable job that treats them with respect and dignity. This bill aims to ensure that tens of thousands of workers in Connecticut have a job that they can rely on and the opportunity to prosper. The Fair Workweek Bill can accomplish this goal through guaranteeing predictable schedules and reliable paychecks for more than 140,000 retail, food service, and hotel workers. The bill will also give part-time employees the opportunity to work more hours with the requirement that employers offer extra shifts to current workers before hiring additional staff. Workers will experience more stability through schedules that are set in advance, minimum rest periods between shifts, and compensation for last minute changes or cancellations. Check out these videos to hear excerpts from Tiana’s and Josh’s testimony.

Another issue on our minds is that thousands of immigrant children and families in Connecticut are blocked from getting healthcare coverage and cannot receive proper medical care and treatment. Everyday, but especially during a pandemic, this is a massive public health concern. We are committed to changing this. State Senate bill, S.B. 284, which would expand Connecticut’s HUSKY Health Program to all minors under 18 years of age regardless of immigration status, did not pass committee this year, but our team was proud to stand in support of our immigrant families and the hundreds of organizers and activists that spoke out in support of this bill – and we will absolutely be back next year.

Early treatment provided by this bill would effectively reduce the amount an individual would pay for healthcare in the long term by preventing health issues from developing further and worsening. Uncompensated care costs, which are incurred when uninsured residents seek medical help, are shared across both public and private payers, including the state and local governments. This means that the state of Connecticut is already paying for uninsured undocumented individuals, yet these residents do not have access to HUSKY programs such as Medicaid and CHIP which are funded through the taxes they pay. Check out testimony from Josh, as he literally drove his own son to the doctor’s office, for healthcare as a human right through support for S.B. 284, Husky for Immigrants. 

Another bill we will also be supporting this year is the PROTECT Act to stop Solitary Confinement in our state. To learn more and get involved, check out

The Connecticut Coalition for Immigrant Freedom (CCIF)

Earlier this month, we announced that the City of Hartford, in collaboration with the Connecticut Coalition for Immigrant Freedom (CCIF), has launched a Universal Representation program to ensure legal representation for Hartford residents in emergency deportation proceedings.

Following advocacy from then-Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermúdez and Councilman Michtom during budget deliberations for fiscal year 2021, as well as support from the City’s Chief Operating Officer, Thea Montanez, CCIF will receive City of Hartford funds to provide legal representation and social services to Hartford residents in emergency deportation proceedings, including those detained by ICE. The program is live now, with specific eligibility criteria due to limited funding: 

Immigrant families who fit the program criteria can call (203) 388-1719 or e-mail to apply for free legal representation during their emergency deportation cases.   

In the Community 

Councilwoman Hercules has been working hard to engage with as many Hartford residents as possible and introduce herself as a resource for her community. Below you can find pictures of her attending Parkville’s Neighborhood Revitalization Zone meeting and visiting Charter Oak Boxing Academy. 

Housing Resources

Our city is currently facing a major eviction crisis and families throughout our community are being affected. If you or anyone you know is facing eviction and lives in one of these zip codes: (06105  /  06106  / 06112  / 06114  / 06120) then you may qualify for free legal assistance through If you don’t qualify, there are still resources available to you! Visit to learn more or get in contact with our team to find help.

Community Events & More

The community survey for the Arrowhead Gateway Small Area Plan and Corridor Study is now live! If you have uses, services, or improvements that you would like to see at the Main/High/Albany intersection, now is the time to share your thoughts. Check out the project website to take the survey:

Join the Community Renewal Team and Liberty Bank on March 30th at 6pm to learn how you can start building your legacy and increasing your generational wealth. The Women’s Home Buying Seminar stresses economic empowerment and discusses the benefits of owning your own home as a means of increasing your wealth. To register, please click

United Way, the Ministerial Health Fellowship, and Tovio invite you to join the community conversation and support circles focused on the experience of living through the Covid-19 pandemic. Email with any questions.

Youth Activities & Opportunities 

Introducing the Bridge to Morehouse Program (BTM)! Capital Community College and Morehouse College have established an articulation agreement that will allow students attending Capital who complete an associate’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.7 to transfer seamlessly to Morehouse College with junior status. This is currently the only agreement of its kind between Morehouse College and a community college in New England- a phenomenal opportunity for Black male scholars in the Greater Hartford Region. Interested students can learn more about this opportunity here and follow the steps under “How do I enroll in the Bridge to Morehouse Program”. 

BiCi Co.’s Youth/Teen BikeLife program registration just opened (ages 7 to 19):

  • Youth that register and take one of the bicycle safety courses during the week qualify for an upcycled bike, lock, lights and helmet at the Saturday BikeLife Festival on April 16th. 
  • There are five different bicycle safety course locations scheduled across the city, including one at the Free Center in your neighborhood.
  • Space is limited to the first 80 registered. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend the bike safety course with the youth if possible, but are not required to do so.
  • The registration fee is very affordable at $20 per participant. 

YEP (spring) and SYELP (summer) PAID internship programs for teens are hiring:

  • Apply at (select Center for Latino Progress as your provider)
  • The internships are in a wide variety of employers, non-profit partners, and programs across the city. BiCi Co. is just one of the internship opportunities of many.

The Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP) is a youth employment program, connecting Connecticut youth living in the North Central Region between the ages of 14 and 24 with career exploration opportunities and paid work experience each summer. 

Participants have the opportunity to explore their interests and career pathways, develop workplace skills and engage in learning experiences that help in developing their social, civic and leadership skills.

By participating in structured projects and work-based opportunities, Connecticut youth are better prepared for careers of the future. Learn more about SYELP here

Job Opportunities 

The City currently has dozens of job openings and we want these good Hartford jobs to go to Hartford residents- take a look for yourself or share with someone you know through this link!

YWCA Hartford Region is looking to hire a Community Organizing and Advocacy Coach! This position will assist with efforts to equip and educate community members and key stakeholders on advocacy and organizing. The position is part time, offering 26 hours per week at $18 per hour. Learn more about the position and access an application here

Trinfo and the Office of Community Relations at Trinity College are hiring! Join the team as program manager at Trinfo.Café and the Office of Community Relations. Those with a commitment to and experience in community service who are fluent in Spanish are encouraged to apply. Check out the job posting

Career Programs

In the News

Check out this coverage of our team’s advocacy for immigrant families from the Northend Agent’s website:

Unfortunately, 2022 began with a tragedy for our City as we lost a student to a drug overdose at Sports & Medical Sciences Academy. As parents with high schoolers, this incident weighed heavy on our hearts and minds, and we are committed to supporting any effort aimed at making sure this never happens again. Therefore, we immediately called for life-saving Naloxone to be available all at Hartford schools along with trained staff able to administer it. Since then, this idea has been accepted by the city. The following two links detail more about the devastating event and how we intend to address the issue of drug overdose for Hartford youth. 

1/17 Hartford Courant Fatal Fentanyl Overdose of Hartford 13-Year-Old Brings Calls for Naloxone in SchoolsDaniela Altimari

1/17 Daily MailTeenage boy, 13, dies after overdosing on fentanyl at Connecticut high school where 40 bags of the drug were found stashed in two classrooms: Officials call for nurses’ offices to be stocked with life-saving naloxone – Andrea Cavallier 

The call for divestment from Russian assets from the public has been heard loud and clear. Our team is therefore supporting a resolution for the City to divest our pension fund from any Russian-owned assets until the crisis in Ukraine comes to an end. Read more about this issue with the link below. 

3/8 Hartford Courant Hartford treasurer exploring divestment of Russian assets from pension fund; council weighs resolution – Seamus McAvoy

Connect With Us Online!

To learn more about our team’s work in the Hartford community, follow Josh and Tiana on social media. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!  

Instagram & Twitter: 

@THercules777 & @RSGAT



Wiz & Josh Year-end Recap

Thank you Wildaliz & welcome Tiana, the work continues!

This month our Council team would like to reflect on Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermúdez and all that she has done for our city and our community. We would also like to introduce Tiana Hercules, Wildaliz’s personal recommendation, endorsed by WFP, to replace her on Hartford City Council.

If you haven’t already heard, Councilwoman Bermúdez announced this month that come January, she will be stepping down from her position on City Council for personal and family reasons. Her statement can be found here.

Words cannot begin to describe just how much Wildaliz has meant to our city, our community, and our WFP City Council team. Since being sworn in for her first term in 2016, Wildaliz has consistently brought a sense of energy, integrity, and transparency that Hartford residents had been longing for from their politicians. If we could redefine politics and politicians in Hartford, Wildaliz would be the standard. On behalf of our City Council WFP team, and the Hartford community, thank you, Wildaliz.

Whenever possible, Wildaliz raised up others who shared her values and encouraged them to lead and fight for marginalized members of our community: leaders such as Claudine Fox, Joshua Michtom, and now Tiana Hercules.

If you have not yet had a chance to learn about Tiana, make sure to check out her introduction page and check Wildaliz’s social media posts introducing her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also follow Tiana on Instagram or Twitter to keep up with her advocacy! Once Tiana is sworn in, keep an eye out for a new website name from us!

Now on to what else we’ve been up to this Fall and Winter!

In The Community

As the Omicron coronavirus variant continues to pose a new threat to public health, we will transition back to prioritizing community events held virtually. It is of the utmost importance for us to keep our community and our families safe, and we will continue to work hard for you whether in-person, by phone, or by email. Please continue to reach out to us about any of your city needs! That said, we were grateful to have been able to participate in a few events over the past few months, both in-person and on zoom!

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

It is our absolute pleasure to announce that Columbus Day will never be celebrated in Hartford again. In September, City Council unanimously voted in favor of our resolution to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Our resolution was first introduced last year, but some of our Council Colleagues requested a task force to receive community input about how Hartford residents think the holiday should be recognized. We were happy to see that most Hartford residents agreed with us, and we thank Councilman Nick Lebron and Councilwoman Marilyn Rossetti for their hard work engaging the community on this issue.

The December Sixth Project

Councilwoman Bermudez, along with a committee comprising Hartford educators, students, and alumni, created the December Sixth Essay contest for Hartford students to reflect on the 13th amendment and its legacy in our society. With the deadline having just passed, our judges are now working hard to review the many entries in both written and visual art categories, so keep an eye out for updates after the new year!

The December Sixth Project is currently fundraising to send the winning students to Washington D.C. If you would like to contribute, you can venmo @DecemberSixthProject or write a check out to: BSL Educational Fund Inc. with the subject line “December Sixth Essay Contest” and mail it to PO BOX 891, Hartford, CT, 06143-0891

Housing Rights

As you may have heard, the State of CT has a program in place called UniteCT to help tenants who are facing eviction due to unpaid rent. This past fall, advocates from the CT Fair Housing Center approached our Councilmembers to let them know that there had been recurring problems with landlords who tried to evict tenants with unpaid rent before first applying to the program, which they are legally required to do. With help from the CT Fair Housing Center and other Hartford residents who spoke up about the issue, our team put together and passed a resolution calling for all Hartford-based landlords to respect the law and accept UniteCT funds. You can find the resolution below.

Zion St. Mural

Our team has been working closely with community leaders in Frog Hollow and Behind The Rocks to develop an idea for a mural on the retaining wall at the corner of Zion and Summit Streets, under Zion Hill Cemetery. Our team is currently working hard to collect input from the community through canvassing (pictured below) and a digital survey – so if you live in the area make sure to fill it out here!

In The News

9/16/21 Fox 61 – Gaby Molina
“Rocky Hill leaders circulate petition calling for special session on car break-ins and thefts”

9/24/21 La Voz Hispana – Elvis Tejada

9/28/21 -WSFB
“Hartford will celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” next month”

9/29/21 NBC Connecticut – Dominique Moody

10/6/21 Hartford Courant – Rebecca Lurye
“Hartford police begin using drones to track stolen cars and ATVs, search for missing people, and more”

11/23/21 Hartford Courant – Rebecca Lurye
“Hartford city council member Wildaliz Bermudez resigns, names likely Working Families Party replacement”

11/26/21 Fox61/CT En Vivo – Cathy Montano

12/16/21 Access TV Morning Talk LIVE with J. Stan McCauley

12/18/21 Identidad Latina

Wiz and Josh Summer Recap


One of the most exciting things we did this summer was create a civic engagement video to help you, our constituents, better understand how Hartford City Council works and how to stay in touch with us. Thank you to FINAL FOCUS FILMS for making our vision a reality! Check out the video below and share!

Spanish Subtitles


The City of Hartford wants to hear from you. Please help us establish our priorities for the future improvement of arts and recreation facilities & programs in our community.  Click here to complete the survey in English.

La ciudad de Hartford quiere saber de usted. Ayúdenos a establecer nuestras prioridades para la mejora futura de las instalaciones y programas de arte y recreación en nuestra comunidad. Haga clic aquí para completar la encuesta en español.


As many of our readers know, our team is constantly pushing for equitable changes to our city budget to ensure that the needs of our residents are taken care of. Similarly to last year, our big push was to redistribute a portion of the Police Department budget to other city departments that needed it more.

Unfortunately, the Mayor and Council Majority Democrats decided to raise the Hartford Police Department budget by 4 million dollars while Education and other crucial departments either stayed the same or got a nominal increase.

Our community’s biggest lesson from this should be: if we really want to see change in how the city’s budget is distributed, then we have to actively pay attention and voice our needs as a community. The energy from 2020’s Police Accountability and Racial Justice movement must continue, our fight is far from over.


Homelessness has long been a problem in Hartford. However, this summer, we wanted to make it a priority to actively find ways to do something about it. Our team, along with several homelessness and harm reduction organizations, have been doing a lot of work on this front. If you are particularly interested in this work and would like to learn how you could help, reach out to us.

You can reach out by emailing


Last month, the majority on Hartford City Council voted on a new ordinance for food trucks. This ordinance, to put it simply, states that all food trucks operating in Hartford are no longer allowed to operate after 9pm. There are a select few locations in the city where trucks are allowed to operate only until midnight. In addition, the ordinance significantly reduced the total amount of streets in Hartford in which food trucks could legally operate at any hour. Although both WFP Councilmembers voted against the ordinance, we have actively worked to make the new changes easier to understand for our food truck operators, and to get their feedback communicated to the entire council.

To view the streets that are food truck accessible both until 9pm and midnight click here.

If you are a food truck owner who operates in Hartford, email your concerns to us and the rest of council. For how to give testimony on ordinances click here.


In July, Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez and Councilman Josh Michtom submitted a resolution calling for the City of Hartford to designate an employee to operate as a liaison for organizations and groups that both represent and serve the immigrant communities in Hartford.

This resolution was successfully passed by all of council! Click below to see the full resolution (Item #9).

Job-Training Program – HIGHLIGHT

Mark Mirko/Hartford Courant

Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez introduced a resolution back in 2019 proposing that the “U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant” assist in funding the training and services necessary for the Neighborhood Ambassadors Program. This program would allow for formerly incarcerated individuals to gain work experience to aid in their re-entry process.

“Bermudez said the neighborhood ambassador program was ‘certainly a long time coming’ and that she was grateful the city would ‘be able to provide this to the people who are definitely one of the most in need in our community and definitely the most vulnerable.’” – To read the entire article click here.

Job Opportunities

Community Action Works

Community Action Works is hiring both a Deputy Director and Organizing Coordinator (both based in Boston or Western MA, Hartford CT, or Portland ME). All work is currently remote.

Hartford Public Library

Hartford Public Library is currently looking to hire a Community Safety Manager and Security Guards! You can click on the documents below to read more about these positions, how to submit your résumé and more!




Budget season has begun! The mayor has released a city budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This is known as “The Mayor’s Proposed Budget”, in this version of the city budget it shows the priorities the mayor has, and the mayor’s ideas for how the money for this upcoming fiscal year should be dispersed. From there, it is up to City Council to review the proposed budget and decide what to keep the same and what to change. To see when these budget hearings will be for May click here.

What does this mean for Hartford residents? As residents of Hartford this is a big chance, similar to charter revision, for you to make your voice heard loud and clear! Just like last year we protested and demanded that our budget be dispersed equitably throughout the city. Unfortunately, many of those demands were not met to the extent that we all hoped.

So we’re asking that this year, we all come with the same energy as last summer and fight for what we know is fair and just! This pandemic has done a lot to our city and all we want is a fair chance to restore a better and more equitable Hartford. We, as members of Hartford City Council cannot do this without your input. Soon we will be reaching out requesting your input on what changes you’d like to see to the proposed budget, so be on the lookout to see how you can have your voice heard!

With that said, our team is putting together a livestream on Police Accountability that will be taking place Thursday, May 6th in collaboration with NAACP, YWCA, the CT Police Reform Project, the Greater Hartford African American Alliance, and One Community One Voice Coalition.

You can register here to participate. We want to get as much community input as possible! Hope to see you all there!

More information on vaccine locations for next week will be coming soon! As of right now, there will be vaccinations available at the Xfinity theater this coming Monday at 9am for all Hartford residents 18 and up. To register for Monday or any future vaccination appointments by going to






Unite CT is a rental assistance program that the state has created to help CT residents and their landlords. For more information click here!



This year was a lot. From the COVID-19 Pandemic, protests during budget season, to one of the most important elections of the century, yup, this year has been crazy.

We know it hasn’t been easy, but we want to end on a high note. Here’s a recap of the amazing accomplishments and beautiful moments our offices, Hartford City Councilors Wildaliz “Wiz” and Josh (and team), are happy to have shared with you, our community!





After a lot of back and forth on the Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) Ordinance, we were able to work across the aisle with the support of Council majority and the administration. Now, there are excellent additions to the CPRB Amended Ordinance. We feel strongly about implementing many of your recommendations to the CPRB. To view these changes, go to our “Your Input Needed” page to see a shorthand explanation. You can also watch the video below.

Still want to provide testimony on the CPRB Ordinance? Tune in and participate in the upcoming Public Hearing:

Monday, November 16th @ 7:00pm.

To be added to the list of speakers email:


Earlier this month, Councilman Michtom discussed the background work being done on the CPRB process on the Morning Talk Show with J. Stan McCauley.

Councilman Michtom is introduced at 12:33

Interview begins at 12:40


This is possibly one of the most important elections of our time. We’ve lost a lot, but have also, hopefully, gained a lot of insight and wisdom this year as well. Now is the time to be present and take our rights as citizens of this country and let our voices be heard on a national scale.

Election day is November 3rd! Cast your ballot in person or absentee, nonetheless, BE SURE TO VOTE! If you plan on voting in person and are unsure of where you need to go, you can find out by clicking the link below:

Voter Registration Look Up

Councilwoman Bermudez participated in the Latinas and Power Symposium of 2020 pushing the message of the importance of the our vote in this election.


Tomorrow, Friday, October 30th, state organizations come together to inform the public on their plans to protect our voters for this upcoming election on November 3rd.

JOIN US AT: City Hall, 550 Main Street tomorrow at 12PM!


For an updated look on all things COVID-19 Resources and Hartford, go to our COVID-19 Resource page we have listed NEW UPDATES!





On Sunday, September 6th, our team went out around the Hartford community to inform as many people as possible about the census along with handing out some awesome census gear.

Prior to that we went on facebook live with Jackie Santiago of CEO of Compass Youth Collaborative and NALEO to discuss the importance of the Census.


In July, the State of Connecticut launched a program to aid CT residents impacted by COVID-19. If you or anyone you know is looking for assistance in paying rent look through the steps and share with your community.


Councilman Josh Michtom recently submitted an ordinance regarding the use of city owned vehicles. The Ordinance calls for more transparency with department heads’ use of city vehicle. This is in light of the recent accidents involving Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody.


On September 11th, Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez gave a speech at Saint Francis Hospital showing appreciation to all the of essential workers who have worked tirelessly over the past several months to aid Connecticut and the city of Hartford through COVID-19.


In August, our team introduced a resolution to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day a holiday, removing the recognition of Columbus Day as a holiday for the city of Hartford. Below is our press release:





Here’s what happened when Hartford City Council had to vote on Mayor Luke Bronin’s proposed budget for the City of Hartford during June of 2020. This is a re-cap, by City Councilor Bermudez, Working Families Party Council member- on the Top 7 Budget Items that were egregious, yet actually did occur while approving a new city budget (for Fiscal Year 2021).


Photo by Jasmine Jones at Connecticut State Capital

On Friday, June 19th, a team of 10 young individuals from Hartford and Hartford County, Black America Undivided, put together a powerfully massive march. With speakers, performances and tables with information from voting registration to black owned businesses in the state.

This group also met with the mayor on Monday, June 22nd to go through their list of demands for the city of Hartford and statewide.

Prior to the BAU (Black America Undivided) meeting, another group, Black Lives Matter 860 also met with the mayor to discuss steps to take to restore and uplift the black community of Hartford.

You can follow both groups on facebook for more information about their organizations and the events of the meetings at BA Undivided and Black Lives Matter 860.


Below is a list of free COVID-19 testing sights. For these sights you DO NOT need to have any symptoms or be from a specific area of the state. They are free to everyone.

HARTFORD HEALTHCARE – 560 HUDSON STREET, DAILY (8am to 4pm) – CALL 860-972-8100

SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL – 1000 Asylum AvenueMonday to Saturday starting at 9am – CALL 888-786-2790

CVS PHARMACY – 479 BLUE HILLS AVENUE – 150 WASHINGTON STREET – Visit to make an appointment – Drive Through Only – Call 311 for a ride once appointment is confirmed

CHARTER OAK HEALTH CENTER – 21 GRAND STREET – MONDAY – FRIDAY (8:30am to 5:00pm) – CALL 860-550-7500





First established in 2020, the Families Facing Deportation Fund (FFDF) is a small amount of money set aside by the city to help Hartford residents that are going through deportation cases meet their financial needs.


  • individuals with a final deportation order from an immigration judge or board of immigration appeals and their families
  • people who are in immigration detention and their families
  • people with open immigration cases but no work permit


Court & Application Fees, Legal Representation/Attorney’s Fee, Rent or Housing, Food, Utilities, Transportation to court or important appointments, Child Care and Medical Needs


Yes! But we need your help. The funds set aside for the budget for the first year were all allocated in less than 2 months. We need the Hartford community to show up and advocate to their city government in support of continuing and expanding the Families Facing Deportation Fund.


Contact Hartford Deportation Defense at or The Office of Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez at


On May 20, 2020 the City of Hartford began to reopen to the public. For the first couple of weeks; restaurants, retail offices, museums, zoos and outdoor recreation spaces will be able to open as long as the follow specific rules. What are these specific rules?

The state of Connecticut reopening is set for 3 phases. Phase one, is opening all restaurants, non-essential retail offices, museums, zoos and outdoor recreation spaces such as parks.

Then June 1st, which is still part of phase one, will be the re-opening of barbershops and solans.

Phase two, which is happening around the end of June; will open up gyms, sports clubs, outdoor art and entertainment spaces with a cut off of 50 people per space, amusement parks, theaters, bowling alleys, pools, zoos and more. This includes the inside dining of restaurants but not their bars.

The final phase, phase three, will be the re-opening of bars, indoor event spaces, indoor amusement parks, arcades and outdoor events with a capacity no more than 100 people.


We have a new section on our website! Click here to take a look at our IN THE NEWS SECTION!

In community, 

-Wildaliz “Wiz” Bermudez & Josh Michtom 

Hartford City Council members 

Working Family Party (WFP)


Facebook: @Councilwoman Bermudez; @JoshMichtomCityCouncil

Twitter: @WizBermudez; @RSGAT

Instagram: WildalizBermudez; RSGAT


INTRODUCED BY:       Court of Common Council City of Hartford June 8, 2020

Mayor Luke A. Bronin
Council President Maly D. Rosado 
Majority Leader Thomas J. Clarke II 
Councilman James Sanchez
Councilwoman Marilyn Rossetti
Councilman Nick Lebron
Councilwoman Shirley Surgeon
Councilman John Gale
Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermúdezx
Councilman Joshua Michtomx


RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a DECREASE of $196,696.50 from Hartford Police Department’s Career Development Budget (Item #212039); and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect an INCREASE of $196,696.50 to the Department of Public Works for increased training for street service workers. 

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a DECREASE of $224,539.80 from Hartford Police Department’s Traffic Division (Item #212032); and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect an INCREASE of $224,539.80 to Development Services for increased hiring of housing inspectors. 

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a DECREASE of $358,671.75 from Hartford Police Department’s Headquarters Budget (Item #212027); and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a DECREASE of $1,154,934 from Hartford Police Department’s Detention Budget (Item #212030); and be it further 

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect an INCREASE of $1,513,605.75 to the Department of Children, Youth, Family, and Recreation for the creation or expansion of Early Childhood Centers.  

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a DECREASE of $1,558,341.25 from Hartford Police Department’s North District (Item #212023); and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a DECREASE of $1,666,553.50 from Hartford Police Department’s South District (Item #212025); and be it further 

RESOLVED, That the Mayor’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 be amended to reflect a reallocation of $3,224,894.75 to the Education budget for investment in technology for the students and teachers of Hartford Public Schools.