City Council Budget Updates

Hello Hartford! It’s budget season for Hartford City Council, meaning it’s time for us to work on one of Council’s most important responsibilities: reviewing and revising the Mayor’s recommended budget for the city. We want to give some updates of what our priorities will be this cycle and how you can raise your voice! HousingContinue reading “City Council Budget Updates”

Wiz & Josh Year-end Recap

Thank you Wildaliz & welcome Tiana, the work continues! This month our Council team would like to reflect on Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermúdez and all that she has done for our city and our community. We would also like to introduce Tiana Hercules, Wildaliz’s personal recommendation, endorsed by WFP, to replace her on Hartford City Council.Continue reading “Wiz & Josh Year-end Recap”

Wiz and Josh Summer Recap

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT VIDEO! – September One of the most exciting things we did this summer was create a civic engagement video to help you, our constituents, better understand how Hartford City Council works and how to stay in touch with us. Thank you to FINAL FOCUS FILMS for making our vision a reality! Check outContinue reading “Wiz and Josh Summer Recap”


BIG CHANGES! PERFECT TIME. CPRB…WE DID IT! After a lot of back and forth on the Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) Ordinance, we were able to work across the aisle with the support of Council majority and the administration. Now, there are excellent additions to the CPRB Amended Ordinance. We feel strongly about implementing many of yourContinue reading “OCTOBER NEWSLETTER”


WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE IMPORTANT: CENSUS DEADLINE – SEPTEMBER 30TH CENSUS: MAKE HARTFORD COUNT On Sunday, September 6th, our team went out around the Hartford community to inform as many people as possible about the census along with handing out some awesome census gear. Prior to that we went on facebook live withContinue reading “AUGUST/SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER”


INTRODUCED BY:       Court of Common Council City of Hartford June 8, 2020 Mayor Luke A. Bronin Council President Maly D. Rosado   Majority Leader Thomas J. Clarke II   Councilman James Sanchez Councilwoman Marilyn Rossetti Councilman Nick Lebron Councilwoman Shirley Surgeon Councilman John Gale Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermúdez x Councilman Joshua Michtom xContinue reading “OUR RESOLUTIONS TO CITY OF HARTFORD’S BUDGET FY 2020-2021”