BUDGET 2021/2022

Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) 2021


As you recall, this summer, Hartford Mayor Bronin proposed changes to the existing Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) Ordinance. Since then, City Council has had many Amendments to the Ordinance. We are happy to report that in October, many of our changes as Working Families Party (WFP) Council members have now been included in this updated Ordinance.

After lots of back and forth, we were ultimately able to work across the aisle with the support of Council majority and the administration. Now, there are excellent additions to the CPRB Amended Ordinance. You can read the two file(s) below to compare what was proposed in the October 26th Amendment, versus what’s existed for decades.

Below, view the original CPRB Ordinance (see how they differ)

We’ve heard you loud and clear on changes you’d like to see to CPRB and want to THANK YOU for your input! Many of your requests are now included.

What’s Been ADDED to the CPRB Amended Ordinance:

  1. HPD policies to be posted online – It will now be a requirement for HPD policies, trainings and procedures be made available on the city website to the public.
  2. The Chief must impose any discipline(s) within 15 days of the verdict – Originally there was no written timeframe for when the Chief had to impose disciplines when officers were found of wrong. Now there is a strict 15 day timeframe!
  3. Names of the officers as well as the findings will all be posted on the HPD Website– This way, the public will have access to view the identities of the officers, particularly those with recurring sustained complaints. And, annual CPRB Reports must now be made available on the city website to the public.
  4. Inclusion of young adults and formerly incarcerated persons on the Board-there will now be a member between the ages of 18 to 26 (non-voting) and a voting member who has been formerly incarcerated or has had previous interactions with the justice system referred to as, “justice involved”.
  5. CPRB Meeting Minutes & Community Orgs. to be posted online– All CPRB meeting minutes shall be made available to the public online as well as in person at the Town Clerk’s office. Community based organizations receiving the community CPRB complaints will finally be listed on the city website. Additionally, folks can now also file CPRB complaints with 311 as well.
  6. Tracking Number for CPRB complaints- when you file a complaint with CPRB there will now be an assigned case number with your complaint.
  7. Category of complaints to be made on CPRB has been extended– there are now two (2) additional categories for which complaints can be made to the CPRB these include, Racial Profiling and and officer Filing a False Report.
  8. Nomination Process for CPRB has been expanded: a community recommendation process has been included. In addition, if Mayor does not select a nominee they must publicly give reasons for not selecting. The Mayor will also provide a list of organizations they’ve sought input from as part of the nomination process.


  1. Audit Power – The ability of the inspector general to start an investigation on their own without a specific civilian complaint. In compromise, it was decided that that power will be given to the members of the CPRB.
  2. Removal of Police Union we’ve been concerned about the amount of influence the Police Union may have and as such, we wanted the Police Union to be removed from the CPRB section which states they could play a role in selecting the “3 person panel” to select an arbitrator for CPRB. The Police Union has historically NOT been involved in any process involving CPRB. However, in the updated amended Ordinance, the board to select the arbitrator has been now been expanded from 5 to 7 members, which may perhaps limit the Police Union’s influence.
  3. CPRB Chair selected by members– It has historically been up to the Mayor to decide who will become CPRB Chair. While some members of the community requested that this be decided by CPRB members themselves, that request didn’t make it as part of the Amended version.
  4. Trained Hartford resident to be included in the list qualified CPRB arbitrators– some community groups wanted for the CPRB arbitrator to include a trained Hartford resident and for it to not solely be a retired judge or a judge referee. That request however didn’t make it as part of the Amended version.


Make sure to email all Hartford City Council members & Mayor your suggestions on what should be included as part of CPRB: